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Stainless Steel Sinks

The clean, contemporary lines of Castle Bay stainless steel sinks define the modern kitchen. With timeless design and robust functionality, Castle Bay undermount sinks are central to every kitchen, an indispensable element of meal preparation and clean up.

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Sleek, functional and elegant, there’s a Castle Bay sink to suit every home and every lifestyle. Whatever your choice, large or small, single or multiple bowls, undermount or overmount, all our stainless steel sinks are designed for durability and ease of use.

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Crafted from high quality, 100% recyclable 304 grade stainless steel, Castle Bay sinks are easy to clean, hard wearing, hygienic and stain and odour resistant. The entire Castle Bay stainless steel products is covered by an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Undermount Sinks Double Bowls, Single Bowl

At Castle Bay we understand that the role of the sink will vary from home to home. For those with young families, for example, the functionality of the sink can’t be underestimated; the kitchen is the hub of family life. Our lifestyle sink is as functional as it is fluid and streamlined, as stylish as it is durable. The demands of everyday use very much dictated the design direction of the stainless steel sinks. All sinks boast spacious drainers. Sink configurations include substantial single and double bowls with a choice size and style to suit your kitchen and your needs.

More About Our Sinks and Faucets:

Our Products

Zero Radius Square Sink
Distinctly minimalist, the legendary Series sinks follow the current trend in kitchen architecture towards straight lines. It features sharp square lines and deep bowls. Their purist styling and formal clarity are underlined with the technologically advanced zero radius corner bowls. Legendary square undermount sink commands attention and will exceed your expectations. Read More

Radius Corner Square Sinks
Sleek lines and contemporary flair create new drama for the discriminating homeowner. From single- to multiple-bowl designs, Castle Bay stainless steel sinks are certain to satisfy your design and work requirements. Our sinks are made of 16 to 18gauge stainless steel, these sinks utilize sound absorption pads and are coated to minimize vibration and sound and increase durability. Add a matching kitchen faucet, and you’ll have an unbeatable combination that works hard, but maintains its beauty. Read More

Classic Designs. Timeless Beauty.
Elevate the culinary experience with the professional grade Classic collection. Meticulous attention to form and function creates a new standard for the connoisseur. Read More

Today's interior living spaces are designed to bring family and friends together, and the crossroads of activity is often the kitchen.

With a heritage stretching back over many years, Castle Bay has played a role in the lives of millions of Canadians. The sink is the center of the kitchen. This is where two-thirds of kitchen work is done. Where vegetables are cut, meat prepared and fish defrosted. Everything must have its place, must be geared to specific work processes and requirements, and work together smoothly as an integral whole. That is why we have developed numerous ideas and solutions to make working in the wet area as pleasant and efficient as possible.

The Classics Series undermount recalls a more traditional approach to sink design, with a modern take. Simple, straightforward and practical are design objectives in themselves and this sink embraces the enduring and timeless design direction that has made Castle Bay a household name. Made from high grade stainless steel, sinks in our Classic Series have been designed to provide years of use. Sized to fit the smallest and the largest kitchens, there's a choice of single or double bowl. Canon Series sinks harmonize form and function, rising above the mundane with style and design suited to the contemporary environment. Performance features include heatproof materials and easy to clean hygienic surfaces. Canon Series sinks are handcrafted and machined to perfection. Visually compelling, the square design enables maximum efficiency of sink and counter space. This engineering concept also factors rear-positioned drains to maximize the under-counter footprint. When it comes to design, performance and reliability, we've thought of everything - including the kitchen sink.

The stylish lines of your new sinks deserve an equally stylish faucet for maximum effect and functionality. For every sink, there’s a faucet that matches perfectly and you’ll be delighted by the range of designs to choose from. Beauty is only skin deep however. Perhaps the true beauty of any faucet is how water efficient and well made it is. Solid stainless steel constructionis made to last. It's worthwhile making sure that you choose wisely to ensure you get years of satisfaction from your new tapware. When selecting your stainless steel faucets be sure to choose high quality products from reputable manufacturers. You can be assured they have been designed to last.

Innovative Technology

We want to offer our customers intelligent products and systems that make food preparation a rewarding experience and offer hygiene as a comprehensive solution. In doing so, we remain committed to the highest quality standards and finding the best possible individual solution. One which is focused on a precisely defined goal and systematically implemented. One which, in function, form and material, is well thought-out, appropriate to the task and consistent in every detail. One which is capable of doing exactly what our customers expect and require. Our understanding of quality and performance is a comprehensive one. It begins with the quality, functionality, design and performance of our products and systems. But it doesn’t end there. Quality is apparent in everything we do – in our thinking and in our actions. This is how we create added value for our customers and help them do what they do more simply, quickly, effectively and successfully. And it is also how we offer our talented and dedicated employees excellent opportunities for personal development and for outstanding achievements.